Updated: May 5, 2018

Many people will ask me why choose ageLOC TR90 weight management system from the other programs that is available in the market? I did tried before meal replacement for as long as 6 years, it just doesn't provide me with the end result that TR90 gave me!!! I have shared my own testimonial before here in my blog, you can read again HERE. And after I started my business in Nuskin, only I realized that I am the lucky one actually, many of my customers and friends they did tried numerous way of slimming methods and program that costing them a bomb but it doesn't really works to achieve their slimming target, even if it did, it will re-bounce easily once they stop the program.

She is Nicole, one of my distributor, she followed the TR90 but with our Nustar methods, she transformed successfully with this program and very happy that this program exceed her expectation really.

1. Is is the TECHNOLOGY that make the different

Scientifically tested and proven technology to help with you with your slimming target. It is based on the breakthrough & patterned Gene Expression Science Technology that formulated to strengthen your mind, body and emotional.

2. Maintain or increase your Lean Muscle Mass

One of the problems that many slimming programs are, it will loose weight but also at the same time losing Lean muscle too. TR90 designed in a way will help you to maintain or even increase your lean muscle mass while losing your pure body fat percentage.

3. Healthy weight loss that promote a healthier, leaner, younger looking you

This program is putting you in mind really. WHY? Most of the people fail at slimming program because they can't stop eating and can't seem to ease their food craving. TR90 already put this into consideration in their design of this product. It reduce your craving and increase your will power to transform your body. Powerful 3333 concept to help you for a healthy transformation. You are encourage to do exercise based on your current state of fitness to regained a healthier body.

4. Powerful Eating Plan to promote healthy metabolism and lean muscle

What makes this program so special compare from the other programs? It promotes healthy weight loss with a powerful eating plan, "no hunger rule", and also provide you a knowledge on how you can maintain your body figure by this healthy eating habit even after your 90 days program.

5. Proven result

We are Number ONE!!!! Many of us already transformed successfully with this program. Award winning and best selling slimming program in the Malaysia Market for the pass few years by Euromonitor International Limited (The world's leading Independent Provider if strategic market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographic trends and consumer lifestyles in Malaysia.

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