What is ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System

Updated: May 5, 2018

Many people asked me what is ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System? So, I would like to take this chance to explain a bit more regarding what this program/system is all about. It is a holistic program that helps us to reduce pure body fats and at the same time maintain or build up muscle mass.

When we think about slimming program, these terms will appear in our mind usually "aggressive exercising", "starving", "eating less", "carbohydrate-less diet", "high protein diet" and etc. But, TR90 give me a total new concept of how slimming should be.





Personally, I was on replacement meal type of program to lose weight, I managed to slim down about 4kg but I didn't get the shape I used to have prior to pregnancy, and I was told I need to take the replacement meal daily as breakfast to maintain my weight. Slimming is really a life time thingy then.

July, 2014 I decided to give TR90 a try, it surprised me that I required to eat quite substantial amount of foods that called diet rules. Which actually I am eating more than before I was on TR90 program! I learned that starving will not helps us in reducing weight but will actually hinder our goal to have a fitter body. I required to have a full and healthy breakfast to kick start my day, along to go with TR90 supplements that helps to increase our metabolism to make our body works for our slimming goal.

Above is some of my own food and also some of my friends who was on this program. We really doesn't look like on diet right? :)

I was never a exercise person since young. But, due to my determination to go back to size S (I was size L that time). I starting going to gym like 2-3 times a week. 30 minutes of cardio exercise. I think after I was on the TR90 system, I am a healthier person.

What I want is a long term effect, so through TR90 system, I learned about food groups, food type, what to eat and what to avoid to maintain and achieve a better weight management result. It is knowledge that's matter. Some of my friends asked me then why not we just follow the diet rules without TR90 supplements, we will slim down too. Yeah, i tried it personally before I was on program, I only manage to loose 1kg and then stagnant. Our body actually just doesn't get it, only later I found out that our body had this gene memories that records our body statistic. With TR90 program these gene expression will changed to a younger and healthier statistic, that makes our body works for us itself. This is simply amazing.

Sometimes, some people asked who is suitable to go on this program? I will say everyone!! Everyone that can eat and swallow then can go on this program already! Is just this simple, follow the instructions and our TR90 coach played an important role too.

I am very happy with the result I get from TR90 system, I lost 10kg in total.

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