Tri-Phasic White Mask

Recently I tried using this mask a few times, and I learned the benefits and the value of this Tri-Phasic White Radiance Mask. I am totally in love with this mask and would like to share what this mask about with you all here.

This Tri-Phasic series actually is addressing any problem with skin tone. So no matter you want to have a fairer skin, more even skin tone, black spots, discoloration, blemishes or etc. This will be the series I strongly recommend for you.

I have been to Miami and Key West for holiday, thus came back with a much tanned skin. I started using this mask and I can really see the improvement on my skin after a few times of using this mask. My skin not only get fairer, but also get moisturized from using this mask. So I will called this a 2-in-1 mask. This is a paper mask, so it recommended to use after cleanser and toner. Best effect for whitening if you use together the whole series. But, for now I am just using the mask for achieve a fairer skin tone after my holiday.

This mask is very moisten, I only only use it on my face, after 15 minutes I will apply it on my neck. It will be still quite moisture after neck and I will wipe it on my knees, armpits, elbow (this is the tips for extra benefits of using this mask). :)

What I realized after using a few rounds on my skin is, I get a fairer skin tone and much radiance look.

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