Updated: May 5, 2018

I was having massive weight gained after my 3 pregnancies. Instead of losing weight, I am gaining a lot of weight after gave birth to my baby in year 2013. I have tried many methods before i succumbed to TR90. I tried meal replacement for particular brand for six years, eating less, and exercise, but all these just can't fetch the result I looking for.

I did breastfed all my 3 kids and I am also a breastfeeding advocates myself. For my first two postnatal, I was not having a real difficulty in losing weight. I do think age and breastfeeding helps me during this time. I was 46kg (size xs) pre-pregnancy and I managed to slim down to 52kg (size M) with meal replacement for my first two pregnancy. However, after I delivered to my 3rd baby, I was having problem with losing weight and my weight stay at 58kg (size L or XL) and have a sign of keep adding on. And yeah I also do meal replacement but without much result.

How I came across TR90?

I was depressed with how I looked! People asking if I am pregnant again? I was really frustrated and gave up on myself. Wearing super loose clothing and don't have any mood to dress up nicely myself. I know this bothering me really, until I saw my best friend Facebook, she is going on a weight management program! It makes me curious, really curious, so I asked her and she came and explained to me and my hubby. After understand the program, without much hesitation I started my TR90 90 days challenge together with my hubby.

The picture on the left was me one month before I start my TR90 program, and I actually wore a girdle type of underwear that to make my tummy looked smaller. (feel like crying that time really) Now you should know why people asked me "Are you Pregnant?" And I was actually 10 months postnatal that time.

The picture on the right was me after ONE year stopped from TR90 program. I lost 10kg of weight in total and manage to wear back size S!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! :P

Ok, go into details a bit regarding TR90 program, the set includes the following items that enough for a 90 days program.

Jumpstart - only for first 15 days





In the beginning I was a bit confused about how to take it. But very fast I get the hang of it. It tooks me about 2 to 3 days to get used to it.

This is a 90 days program, which require us to eat right food with right portion. And no starving yourself to slim down. You will be surprise on the amount of food I am taking. My friend will ask me, are you kidding me? You keep fit still eat so much??!! It is healthy diet that called diet. We still can eat Carbohydrate, Meat and non-meat protein, Vegetables and fruits. It is really easy than ever for slimming that we can still have a full tummy while slowly burn away pure body fats and increase muscle mass. Below is some of the food I ate during the 90 days program.

Oh yeah, I did exercise too. Went to the gym to do 30 minute running about 2 - 3 times a week. I never an exercise person, but to my surprised I can run and even did a half marathon after TR90. Well, I will say determination and discipline needed to achieve whatever result you want in life.

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