Scion Whitening ROLL-ON Deodorant is in Malaysia Now!!

Finally this Scion Whitening Roll-On Deodorant is available in Malaysia!!! I'm waiting for this products to be avaibale in Malaysia for quite a long time. I'm very happy finally it made available to all distributors and members for this product!!

It is awful and embarrassing sometimes to have bad odor and sweaty armpits isn't? This Scion Roll-On will be your solution this this problem!!!

This underarm whitening roll-on deodorant that give you 24 hours protection against bacteria growth and also helps to reduce perspiration that can cause bad body odor. You can notice whitening result in just 3 weeks of using this Scion Whitening Roll-on!! It is mild, gentle and non irritating for your skin because it is alcohol-free and pH-Balanced formula that keep you feeling fresh all day.

Good news is this product is now available in Malaysia!! If you are a Nu Skin member already, you should give this product a try and I think you will love it just like I do. If you are not a member yet, it is very simple just sign up yourself CLICK HERE to download a guide to become distributor in Malaysia to get this at member or wholesales price.