Nu Skin Powerlips Fluid

Updated: May 5, 2018

I am never a lipstick or lips wear person!!! But, once I use this Powerlips Fluid I am hooked already!! These are some reasons why I never a lips wear person:-

✔️I always done my make up and forgot about my lips. Because it will end up no color by the time of the event so always thought to apply it later and end up forgotten about it.

✔️I don't like the texture and the feeling it is on my lips.

✔️Don't like it as it always need to replenish even after drinks, not to mentioned eating it will totally gone usually.

But, this powerlips fluid give me a totally different experience for lips wear! It is....

💋 Smudge resistant 💋 Drink resistant 💋 Kiss resistant 💋 Food friendly 💋 Less likely to feather or bleed into the lines above or around lips

💋 Easy to apply

💋 You will start saving on your lips wear if specially you need to replenish your lips wear frequently!!

💋 No need special removal - Virgin coconut oil or Olive oil or any washer you have can remove this long lasting lips wear.

💋 You will love the texture!!! No more sticky lips.

Buy this Powerlips Fluid at Wholesale or member price yourself, no middle man, no minimum order, save 30% from retail price!!!

Currently this Powerlips Fluid is available in these markets only ( United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom) Other markets is coming up soon!!!!

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