Updated: May 5, 2018

YES YES YES!!! Finally the most advance facial cleansing system ageloc LUMISPA is available in the market now!!! This is a result of scientific research and technology that bring us not only to cleanse your face but also bring 7 treatments facial benefits in just two minutes, twice a day!!!

During pre-launch of this products, it sold out in just minutes (yeah, I really mean in just few minutes, no kidding!!!) after the purchase link came live in every region that launched this baby!!! I have got this during RUBY PRE-LAUNCH, and I have been using this amazing products for a few months now, why I think this product really rocks? Every morning I wake up and see a much more radiance and smoother face, and I noticed my pores size significantly smaller and cleaner (no more black black dots), black and white heads reduces specially at the nose area. Skin care regiment become easy and effective, it save me a lot of money and time, why? Because it derived SPA and Facial result without me going to Facial outside!!! Isn't amazing and what you looking for?


Our 75 In- house scientists, had tried and tested more than 70 types of off the shelves cleanser in the market, why? Because it doesn't really provide the specific desire result that LUMISPA should do. Finally they found the right composition of the cleanser that provide the right consistency that given the perfect cushioning, cleansing, and interaction with the skin.

Normal to Combo skin

Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Sensitive Skin

These cleanser are designed specially to work with LUMISPA for optimum results for different skin types. It contains different formula and different ageloc proprietary ageLOC ingredients blend to target source of aging and giving you a healthy, radiance, youthful looking skin.

ageLOC LumiSpa is a dual-action skin care device that simultaneously provides a superior skin-perfecting treatment and deep cleansing benefits. It leaves skin smoother and softer after just one use and delivers seven skin benefits that increase over time.

What makes it different/special from other cleansing device?

It’s technology!! It uses silicone treatment head with embedded silver and together with the precise dual-direction movement of the brush on the skin’s surface called "micro pulse oscillation technology" sets it apart from other cleansing device.

“Lumi” stands for luminous. “Spa” reinforces the fact that the device, treatment heads, and treatment cleansers will deliver spa-quality results every time you use them.

7 reasons to like ageLOC LumiSpa:

  1. Dual-action delivers dramatic skin renewal & deep cleansing. Not only does it cleanse but also slow down sign of aging on your skin.

  2. Who suitable to use? Those who wants to minimize visible signs of aging or those who like maintain youthful skin.

  3. It activates and promote skin cells to produce more collagen which in return gives anti-aging benefits.

  4. Can use it twice a day as part of your daily skin care regimen–morning and night.

  5. It’s super user friendly. The device itself runs straight for two minutes (30 seconds on each of the four areas of one’s face).

  6. It’s waterproof! You can use it in the shower. All the more reasons for you to indulge into your skin care regimen.

  7. Battery is very long lasting. Charge it once and it can goes day and nights for many days.

To purchase this LUMISPA is very simple, you just need to sign up as Distributor or Preferred customer, to know how to become NU SKIN Distributor just simply click HERE to download a simple guide, just follow it through in few minutes you can register yourself easily.