Epoch Sole Solution - Need a Solution to Cracked and Dried feet?

Personally I had tried a few different brands of heel solution for dried and cracked sole, it can temporary helps with the condition only. Once stop applying it come back pretty fast!! Until I found this Epoh Sole Solution that works wonder for me!

How I used this Epoch sole solution you may ask? I applied and massage it to my rough and dried area at the sole and feet, focus mainly at these area and i will wear a sock to sleep so it will stay on my feet as long as possible, I did applied it on the morning after cleansing my feet too. I see improvement and slowly see my thick, cracked and dried skin start to smoothed out and healing. There is no magic but science and the intelligent of the indigenous people of the Central America, they traditionally use the crushed allspice berry to relieved persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes, and side of feet.

I have another write up on this product that you might be interested in reading it.

Do not give up on your heels, you can have back your soft heels, please do give this Epoch Sole Solution a chance to proof it to you. Trust me, it works wonder!!!

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