EPOCH Sole Solution at Wholesale Price

Updated: May 5, 2018

Epoch Sole Solution is a Foot Treatment that help to rejuvenate foot for those who suffering from rough, dry or cracked feet. This cream also is good for preventing cracked heal to develop.

Do you have any chronically dry, cracked feet and have tried all kinds of different moisturizers? Instead of getting better, the problem often persists or even gets worse? If your answer to these is a YES, what you need is a product that works on the underlying cause instead of just moisturizer! Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment brings the hidden solution of the rain-forest to you. Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment features crushed allspice berry (Pimenta dioica) — traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America to help relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes and sides of feet. So much more than a moisturizer, Epoch Sole Solution restores healthy looking heels, toes and soles.

A picture tell a thousand words, this is one of the testimonial after using EPOCH Sole Solution. No more dry and cracked skin on heels. This is a total solution that you need for your feet! Apply liberally to affected areas on cleansed feet morning and night or as needed. Focus on rough or dry areas. Do not rinse off. Allow product to remain on skin as long as possible. Best results are seen after six to eight weeks of usage as directed.

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