Can I use other cleanser for LUMISPA?

I think this is the most frequently asked question that I had been asked. So thought to write a post about this topic and explaining why we need to use the Activating Cleanser that specially designed and formulated to go with the LUMISPA device.

From common sense, NU SKIN actually has variety of cleansers that are already available, but why NU SKIN still spend on the R & D to come out with another cleanser to go with the LUMISPA device?

The story go like this, firstly the in-house scientist find out that the "specific" frequency and vibration bring benefits to the skin. They further study and do many clinical research and test, finally they develop the one of a kind cleansing device "LUMISPA". Next, they actually tested over more than 50 types of over the counter cleanser with LUMISPA device (of course including NU SKIN own series of cleanser), but they found out that this way couldn't bring out the best desired benefits that the LUMISPA should bring to the user. It is either too thick or too thin the cleanser, which is not able to give the precise cushioning and interaction between the LUMISPA device with the skin. Thus, they start develop the cleanser that will go best with the LUMISPA device.

There are four types of cleanser available - Dry Skin, Normal to Combo Skin, Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin.

Another highlight about the cleanser is the cleanser is specially designed and develop with ageLOC technology to target each skin type. For example, the Oily skin cleanser contains Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum Root) extract, Myristyl Alcohol, PCA to help reduce oil production & smooth the skin, as well as Pomegranate Juice extract and Carnosine to provide antioxidant protection.

Each ingredients that put into the cleanser are going through the 6S process of NU SKIN. They are carefully designed and selected to best suit the need of different skin type.

So, I will say and advise there is really a need to use the Lumispa activating cleanser that NU SKIN already putting a lot of care and concern to develop the best product for you.

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